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Best Directory Bruteforce Tools - Reconstuff

Hello Folks ๐Ÿ‘‹ , In this blog post you will see best tools for Directory Bruteforcing and better than other tools. Firstly, I would like to thank my friend @Rahul__Nakum for suggesting me this tool.


Feroxbuster is written in Rust. Its faster and looks cooler than any other tool for directory bruteforcing. I personally upgraded to this tool because of its good result. There are many ways for installing this tool, you can see that on their documentation page. I am using this wordlist file with recursion in this tool.

Some features:-

  • Faster than ffuf (Personal experience)

  • Allows recursion

  • Allows Custom wordlist

  • Filter similar pages

Simple Usage:-

Installed using snap on Ubuntu


ffuf is writter in Go Language. So if you don't wanna use feroxbuster, try this in your automation. This is also faster than any other tools and works with Burp as well. So there are many features of ffuf which you can see here.

Some Features:-

  • Faster than python tools

  • Recursive Scan

  • Rate limiting feature

  • Can FUZZ anything

Simple Usage:-

So you can see a detailed comparison here and don't forget to follow these tools contributors. Let me know in the comment from which tool you upgraded. Like, share and follow me on twitter for bug bounty tips. Join this Discord server to contact me. Thank you...

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