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Bug Bounty Notetaking tools

In this blog, I will be sharing few note-taking tools that are best for bug bounty. If you are hacking on big scope program, then you need a tool to keep your recon notes and prevent duplication.


Notion is best for taking notes as it is easier to use. I am personally using this with my automated recon tools.


  • Easy to use and free

  • Provides API (Good for automation)

  • Unlimited pages

  • You can share your page with anyone

  • Good Nesting controls

  • Many templates


Available in Website, Windows, Android & Mac

  • Easy to use

  • Good UI

  • API access

  • Browser Extension

  • Limited storage

  • Screenshot tool

  • Not Much nesting Controls on browser extension.


Available in Website, Windows, Android & Mac

Check this site for more info about this :-


Its free for everyone and available for any platform. So you can create a server for yourself and there are few templates which you can use like Study Group. These servers can be used to store your recon notes or anything. You can create discord BOTs in python and you can use it for recon.

Which one is Best?

If you looking for simple and fast site, then go for Notion as it provides many controls in a fast way and it provides many templates. But if you want to do automation stuff, then Discord is best place where BOT's can make your recon fast and easy.

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