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Creating Your own Recon Discord bot using ChatGPT

Hello guys, Today I am gonna show you a example of OpenAI ChatGPT to create your own recon discord bot.

So you can register and login here

I will show you how you can start asking to create something from scratch:-

Asked: "create a discord bot in python"

OpenAI Response: Detail Explanation with source code of basic discord bot

Asked: "add subdomain enumeration using amass command to this bot"

OpenAI Response:

Asked: "change the code and add recon command with domain as input, it will run amass subdomain enumeration on that domain, then it will run httprobe on amass output and print httprobe output, then it will run dirsearch on httprobe output and gives dirsearch output as plain"

OpenAI Response: Detail explanation and source code:-

So this is how I asked OpenAI to create a recon Discord bot. If the OpenAI stops working at any point, you can ask OpenAI to complete the code and it will do so for you.

Few more examples:-

  • Source code review: You can give your source code in chat and it will do basic source code review.

  • Making nuclei templates or editing

  • Use it for creating web templates

Note:- The developers of OpenAI are updating the AI every day, which may restrict its capabilities. Therefore, it is recommended to use it before it is fully restricted in order to obtain better results.

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