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Get started with Crypto trading

Hello guys, Today I am going to explain how you can start your journey in the Crypto market. Firstly, Crypto trading is highly risky please do your own research before investing in it.


  • If you are in India, please Download WazirX app from here

  • Download Binance app from here -> Setup your account

  • For Indian Users (WazirX app):-

  • Deposit money in WazirX app, then buy USDT coins

  • Open your wallet and click on withdraw in USDT

  • Link Binance account and transfer all USDT to Binance

  • Open Binance app and check your Spot wallet

  • Other Users (Binance app):-

  • Deposit Money in USD and buy USDT in Binance app

  • Check your Spot wallet

Trading Tips

Binance is the best app in the world for crypto trading. Faster transactions and many other features like offering many coins, NFT market, futures, etc. Indian users cannot use Binance app directly, we need a Debit card which can be used for international payments. So we are using WazirX to transfer and WazirX is much slower in trading coins, but still better than other apps in India. As beginner follow these while trading:-

  • Trade only top coins in the market for safe like BTCUSDT (Bitcoin), ETHUSDT (Etherum), ADAUSDT (Cardano)

  • Watch news on CoinmarketCap app (Most of time all the news are very accurate)

  • Join our discord server for any call

  • Don't buy any coin when market is in greedy level (Check here)

If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry. – Satoshi Nakamoto

Rules of Crypto Market

  • Bitcoin dominates whole market - If Bitcoin dumps all coins will go red and vice-versa. But there is always one coin in the market which will go opposite of Bitcoin.

  • Don't be greedy, one day you will also get your reward

  • Crypto is riskier than Stock market, but still profit is more and cannot be compared to stock.

Share this with your friends and if you have any questions, put it in the comment or Chatbox.

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